Toraé was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where she developed her sense of design through her cultural experiences. Her passion has always been to create a “WOW” factor for people, homes and events.   She has always enjoyed creating looks since she was a child and has a strong desire to make people feel good by what she creates. Toraé enjoys elevating people and places to new levels through external appearances.

Starting out as an event planner, owning her own business, Toraé worked on several events including fashion shows, corporate events, birthday parties, baby showers and weddings. Although, she loved what she did, she soon realized that she was not passionate about the planning piece of the business and decided to close the business and go back to school.

She joined the corporate world after obtaining her BA from Rollins College, in Organizational Communication. It was then that she started her career as a Human Resources Manager and worked for a few industries before her last role at a major retailer. Here, surrounded by trending looks for homes, she had her “ahh haa” moment and realized that she was not walking in her given purpose. She believes that she was created to uplift people by helping their visions come to fruition through interior design.

 Toraé currently owns a full-service Luxury Interior Design Firm, where her current portfolio includes vacation homes, model apartments, club houses and residential kitchen and bathroom remodels.